Petersen HIV Clinics provides HIV medical care for people living with HIV disease regardless of their ability to pay. Our clinics are conveniently located at two locations where we offer comprehensive medical care along with many support services. Our multidisciplinary team is well versed to support people who are newly diagnosed, transferring their care, could benefit from financial support, linkage to community resources, and learning about care and medications. To learn more about our team check us out here.

New Patients 

Whether you are newly diagnosed or are transferring your care, we are here to help. To learn more about the disease click here.

To enroll in our clinic please call our Early Intervention team to schedule an intake at 520-626-0962, or email us at email address is intended to be used for general information requests only. Please do not send any personal, private, or sensitive information using this address. Please contact the Petersen Clinic by phone if you need to provide private information regarding your health or care.)

During the intake, we will help you:

  • Review your insurance plan and ensure you have the most comprehensive coverage. If you do not have insurance or are not eligible for insurance, there are many ways we can help, so don’t worry!
  • Coordinate obtaining medical records (see details below)
  • Schedule you an appointment and order labs
  • Help you get your HIV medication if you’ve run out, or are about to run out.

Medical Records

Petersen Clinic doctors would like to review your records before your first visit.

Please complete these forms (Release Forms) ​and submit them to Early Intervention by email, fax or mail: 


Fax: 520-626-6352 

Mail: Petersen Clinics Early Intervention,  P.O. Box 245039 Tucson, AZ 85724-5039

First Appointment                

During the first appointment with your doctor, you can expect the following:

  • Complete a primary care questionnaire
  • Review your medical history
  • Discuss laboratory results
  • Review medications
  • Meet your pharmacist and clinical coordinator
  • Obtain future lab orders and schedule your next visit
  • Time to ask questions and discuss items of concern
  • Provide feedback about your appointment by completing a breif survey.

Follow-up Visits

Most of the time your doctor will want you to have labs done before your medical visit. Although lab orders are often sent electronically, we suggest you take a printed copy of your order to the lab. If you have any questions about this, or how to obtain a copy, contact your Clinical Coordinator.

Petersen Clinic Programs and Services

Petersen Clinics offer programs and services to increase patients’ access to comprehensive medical care:

  • Our providers only focus on HIV care, you will need a primary care provider.
  • Outpatient HIV specialty medical care
  • Clinical coordination
  • Medical case management with benefit voordination
  • Medication and treatment support
  • Financial support for medical care

Outpatient HIV Specialty Medical Care

Petersen Clinics has six attending physicians and four fellows specializing in HIV medicine. Our Medical Services include: 

Diagnostic testing, early intervention and risk assessment, preventive care and screening, practitioner examination, medical history taking, diagnosis and treatment of common physical conditions, prescribing and managing of medication therapy, education and counseling on health issues, continuing care and management of chronic conditions, and referral to specialty care.

Medical Case Management

Medical case management services help patients connect to comprehensive health care and a wide range of support services, including benefits counseling and referral activities. These services can help patients learn about financial support programs, manufacturer assistance programs, and community resources

Clinical Coordination

Clinical coordination services are provided by Clinical Coordinators. They provide coordination and follow up on medical treatments, ongoing assessment of patients’ needs and are the liaisons between patients and their doctor.

Treatment Adherence Program and Medication Support

Petersen Clinic has three pharmacists on staff to assist with items related to your HIV medication.  The HIV pharmacists will attend medical visits alongside your doctor and offer a wide variety of services to help you take medications as prescribed.  They can assist with treatment adherence, managing side effects, and drug interactions.

Financial Support

There are a lot of ways Petersen Clinics can help patients access medical care and medications. Many of the programs that offer financial support have eligibility requirements. Medical Case Managers can help determine which programs patients are eligible for and discuss the various options. If you would like to know more about these program please contact one of our Case Managers at 520-626-8598.

Ryan White Program

The Petersen Clinic participates in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program which is funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the United States Health Resources Services Administration. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides HIV-related health services and other support services for those who meet eligibility requirements. Our Medical Case Managers can help determine if a patient is eligible for support through the Ryan White Program and will assist with the application process.

Patients who utilize Ryan White renew their enrollment twice per year- during their birthday month and their half birthday month:

Renewal Months
Birthday Month Half Birthday Month
January July
Febuary August
March September
April October
May November
June December
July January
August February
September March
October April
November May
December June



Patient Involvement

Patient involvement is very important to the Petersen Clinics. Your input and guidance is critical in providing the best care possible. Right now there are a couple ways to be involved:

  • Join the Consumer Advisory Board. This group meets every few months and their aim is to help support programmatic planning efforts and provide guidance on how to best support Petersen patients. If you are interested in learning more about the Consumer Advisory Board please call Krystal Fimbres at 520-626-0962.